KunsHuis started in 2010 by Nelett Loubser.

It started out of a desire to create a life enjoying every day, doing what I love, design and creativity. I am now also a proud wife and mother wanting to

show my child to use his talents and dreams to create the life you want. My hope is that through the work here at KunsHuis I can inspire YOU to live a life full of creativity, fulfilling hopes and striving for dreams.

Let’s be Creative together

A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, that together, form a perceived image for a business or product.


KunsHuis can help with all your branding and design need. From Logo design to introducing your company’s personality to the public. Car branding, annual reports, brochures, invites, Corporate campaigns, ad campaigns and many more, we can help.

Anything you need designed we can help, or if we can’t do it ourselves we will guide you in the right direction or to the best supplier.

We believe that the simplest things in life often hold the sweetest and most powerful memories

The Secret Diary

A simple folded greeting card, an intertwining monogram or a perfectly printed invitation; these are keepsakes that are savored for a life-time, and we are proud to be crafters of these memories. Boasting the largest variety of invitations and stationery to choose from, our Wedding invitation store offers a quick and easy solution to getting the invitation of your dreams. We offer one of the most extensive online collections of paper stationery, gifts and decor for style-savvy clients. Start by browsing through our selection of carefully curated event stationery essentials to find a design that’s right for you. Choose from thousands of letterpress printed, laser cut, foil stamped, and digitally printed stationery designs, décor and gifts ranging from the traditional to the ultra modern and including everything in between.

So whether you’re searching for modern stationery to complement your contemporary reception or vintage invitations for your Victorian styled ceremony, KunsHuis has all your paper decor and stationery needs covered. With a variety of design styles, we make it easy to find something that’s uniquely and beautifully you.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

In Sub B (Grade2) I won my first Art Competition. The Shell Art Competition 1990. This is when I knew art was going to be my life. I love realistic art combined with Abstract work. I have GREAT appreciation for people that work with their hands to master a craft.

To create art is personal and so it should be, it is your personality, hopes, dreams, prayers - out there in visual form – it is a privilege to be able to do this for a life!

This is my second love. I am obsessed with Interior Smalls items. Especially Scatter Cushions

Nelett Loubser

I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy in 2015. Time management with all my loves from Graphic Design, my baby, my husband, family, friends and home was an unexpected challenge. I think all moms working from home can relate. So I decided to start KunsHuis Ontwerpe where I design and work on some of my loves as an escape from all deadlines.

. It is a way to have an outlet of design, feelings, prayers and inspirations but in such a way that I can still be present with my child and still do what I love on my own time. This venture is out of my heart, a passion, a desire to bring some coziness that inspire to dreams!


Droom altyd
Droom Altyd
400.00 NAD 
350.00 NAD
Lewe in die oomblik
Lewe in die Oomblik
400.00 NAD 
350.00 NAD
Canvas Print - Haal asem
Canvas Print - Haal asem
400.00 NAD 
350.00 NAD

Don’t just dream for it, work for it to.

I started kh ontwerpe because of my love for décor and my desire to design something that people can enjoy physically. It has blossomed from talking about it, to designing and manufacturing my first range of designs called “Vet Pret”…and to my extreme excitement was asked by Rooi Rose Magazine to be featured! So hear is to dreaming and working, toward exciting times!

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