Why all I want to do is Design
Admin | 14 June
All I want to do today is Design. If COVID were a design project, I would stop where I am and redo the design because I struggle to balance all the
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Paper to digital sizes
Size matters!
Admin | 27 May
When I started my career at the advertising agency in 2005, one of the first things I noticed - and it's a tiny thing - but with such a significant impact; was
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Better briefs
Come to the Edge and Fly...How to create a brief that sets creativity free
Admin | 17 March
Article by: Jeremy Diamond ( Ogilvy & Mather - New York ) ​ If the Pope had simply asked Michelangelo to paint the ceiling, it is unlikely he would
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Master YOUR workflow - a Shortcut for Graphic Designers
Master YOUR workflow - a Shortcut for Graphic Designers
Admin | 19 February
We all want to be a master at our craft and knowing the smaller ins-and-outs makes it easier to get there. One small thing with a BIG impact is using keyboard
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Why I still believe - free wallpaper
Why I still believe "You design your life".
Admin | 01 February
I have the power to design my life? Really? In these times? Firstly let me explain what Design is. Design, in essence, is the act of harmonizing moving parts
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Wandering in a new direction
Wandering into a new form of creativity at KunsHuis
Admin | 19 October
I have been quite the last few months – finding my way in wandering from old paths into new directions. With no uncertainty, we can all agree this year has
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Working from home
Working from home {FREE GUIDE}
Admin | 30 March
ADVICE FOR CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS ABOUT WORKING FROM HOME I started KunsHuis in my mom’s dining room with a laptop (which I bought with almost 2 years of
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MY LIFE IN COLOUR - Playful Soul
{New series} My Life in Colour
Admin | 28 January
Colour is everything to everyone and sometimes nothing to some. Colour - it is one element of life that can summarise the meaning of every expects of our
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10 Years in Business
From one decade to the next
Admin | 28 January
What is the best advice you ever have been given? Mine came from my dad: "Go and learn something, where you can work for yourself - do not be dependent on
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You Design your life {FREEBIE}
Admin | 22 January
 I didn't know about the upcoming marriage proposal, just that he wants us to go on a road trip to his sister and maybe spend a night at a lodge on our
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KunsHuis’ Mentorship Programme NOW OPEN
Admin | 30 September
KunsHuis’ Mentorship Programme NOW OPEN Become part of the remote growing team! In 2020 KunsHuis will be 10 years young! And have grown – as the co
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Design, role of design, importance of design
Money, poaching, government and design
Admin | 12 August
My husband was talking this morning about the credit rating of Namibia, and afterwards, all I wanted to do was grab my latest issue of VISI magazine! It hit me
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