Master YOUR workflow - a Shortcut for Graphic Designers


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We all want to be a master at our craft and knowing the smaller ins-and-outs makes it easier to get there.

One small thing with a BIG impact is using keyboard shortcuts. It's very efficient, it's time-saving and helps you design quicker by multitasking - doing a few commands, one after the other, without going back and forth with a mouse.

It's, it's a game-changer when it comes to time. I encourage you to learn your shortcut keys to make your design life more effortless and streamlines your workflow. After 17 years of knowing my design tools - I cannot imagine designing without Shortcut keys. Over time it becomes second nature, like breathing – you are doing it without thinking about it.

I hope you take the time to learn it. Below is a printable with shortcut Keys for Illustrator and Indesign only as I work primarily with these programs but most of the shortcut keys also work in Photoshop. 

Print it, frame it – put it next to your screen – it is a REAL gamechanger for better efficiency in your design business! 

Here are the Downloads for you compiled with love: