Design plays a big role

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My husband was talking this morning about the credit rating of Namibia, and afterwards, all I wanted to do was grab my latest issue of VISI magazine! It hit me today that the design industry is at it's most important in fragile times - from governments, the value of money, poaching and pressing other life altering moments - design brings beauty.

In Namibia, people are leaving their day jobs to do outstanding design work, doing things from leather work, wood work, fabric design, knife makers, website designers, blogs, chefs, artists, potters, musicians, graphic designers furniture designers, photographers and so much more! It is an escape from all the seriousness.

A blank page becomes a work of art, and a beautiful leather peace becomes a handbag that makes an outfit fashionable, a well-written blog makes a moment impactful, a great pottery piece is a daily reminder of talent making an environment soulful! Designing has an impact. It is ALWAYS positive. It is uplifting; it makes your environment beautiful. It makes our soul happy. Makes you forget about all negativity. Creativity in all its forms is essential, especially in times like these.

The best part of a design for me is that it makes someone else's project, business, wedding, event or home something to be proud of, brings happiness, gives hope and a desire to enjoy their daily moments.

Whatever your creative field, create, enjoy your craft and talent to the utmost! It is your right and responsibility, especially because we are a small community in Namibia but having a huge positive impact on daily lives.

Beauty is the escape of negativity - I realised today again what an honour and privilege it is to be an admirer of creativity!

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