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Life took me in a new direction end of 2015 with the birth of my baby boy. It has been an act of faith, a privilege, learning to juggle the responsibilities of being a mother, wife, daughter, friend, business owner, having a household together with being an artist.   A challenge to sum it up in one word.   I have changed, my environment has changed and every aspect of life is new.   KunsHuis was my first baby, it has grown with me and it is now time to have the logo, website and business direction  portray the changes that has happened.   The new website is a hub for everything design. From work I have done to questions client have, for design convenience A NEW ON-LINE SHOP and a blog, covering life of design in Namibia. A 100% representation of the daily existence here at KunsHuis. I will continue doing my best to give you design that is new, fresh, relevant, to help you achieve your goals & to deliver great design and customer service to the best of my ability. Thank you for your patience the last year and thank you for being part of the KunsHuis Family!