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Colour is everything to everyone and sometimes nothing to some.

Colour - it is one element of life that can summarise the meaning of every expects of our existence. I know this sounds dramatic but if you think about it:

Colour has harmonies and contrasts, light and dark, Is Vibrant or dull. It can be expressive and explanatory. Be a symbol of life or death, evoke passions, fashions, art and desires. It makes us happy or sad. Colour brings forth memories or hopes. Explains emotions and feelings. 

With a change in the properties of a colour, we identify a decade. (For examples the neons of the eighties or the muted tones of the sixties.)
Colour is used to govern a country or rally a cause. Colour can divide but also bring together. Colour combinations don't always make sense or fit, and that is OK! Colour is impartial and yet very emotional.

With one glimpse of colour, you can
name a brand or product.

It is humorous at times and serious the next.  It can make you look thin or add a couple of kgs, differentiate between boy or girl and communicate the season of the year.

Colour encompasses and explain life in all its forms. 

I want to share my life's moments with you in colour. Colour swatches to be exact. Above are the first three and I will be sharing moments as the colour inspires me.

How do you use it? Use the Swatches for artwork, design inspirations or branding combinations, for pattern development or the colour of your next manicure, use it the way that it might work for you. 

We all see colour differently, and that is what makes colour so personal. Share with me your colour combinations, motivations or experiences - who knows it might just start the next fashion revolution!