2020 - TEN years in Business

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What is the best advice you ever have been given?
Mine came from my dad: "Go and learn something, where you can work for yourself - do not be dependent on anyone else."

And that is what I did. I followed my God-given talent of being creative and went to study design. I studied Multi-media for three years; in that time, I specialised in 2D design. 

I love visual communication, and that is where I started as an intern — working at New Media Publishing and experiencing magazines such as VISI, Insig, Mercedes and other magazines from their publishing portfolio. I was fascinated with visual communication. 

Then I moved onto the personal designer for Jenni Button (scroll above to see some work). I designed her trunk-show invites or any other elements that were needed (working from her home even were asked to do grocery shopping if that was required). 

I started to miss home. I was fortunate to get a job as a junior designer at one of the big advertising agencies in Namibia. I loved my time there - learned about client relationship, production, deadlines, educating yourself as the industry changes and took note of how to run a business.

But I wanted freedom. I wanted to do what my dad prompted us to do my whole life - work for yourself. After five years at the agency, I did just that. 

In my last eight months, while working at the agency, I worked after hours and weekends to build up a client list, and after I got one contract to cover my necessary monthly expenses, I resigned, bought a laptop and got pay-as-you-go internet. And in my parents' living room started KunsHuis in 2010.

10 Years later, and I am still designing.

I have moved with the changes and challenges of life; getting married, having children, educating myself constantly in the ever-evolving ways of communications, managing a business through economic challenges and getting my rhythm with life and work. Far from perfect, and I still learn every day.

I developed a deep desire to give back. I want to help other designers in every season of life to grow and become the best designer they can be. To navigate life's changes, relationships with clients, together with the ever-developing and sometimes challenging environment of business. If you desire to work for yourself, already work for yourself or is an employed creative; I want to help you with the knowledge I have gathered and experienced in the last ten years of running KunsHuis. And I am excited also to learn new ways of working with you. 

To my clients, suppliers and other creatives that I have worked with, without you, the last ten years would not have been possible. 

Aan my liefste pa, dankie vir die beste advies ooit! 

I feel like I am just starting! Sitting here writing this, I know the best is yet to come. I can't wait, super excited! Mainly and majorly to help and give back.

All my creative love
From one decade to the next