A small paper - BIG impact.


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When I started my career at the advertising agency in 2005, one of the first things I noticed - and it's a tiny thing - but with such a significant impact; was to have the sizes of the documents or the artwork that I need to work with constantly close to me for easy reference.

So, we had the newspaper print sizes and paper specs on A6 and stuck them on our computers. When I started KunsHuis in 2010, I took mine with me - I still used it until yesterday (17 May 2021!)! You can see the paper is brown and wrinkled, and that shows that it has done years of work ;) 

As we all know, design platforms have changed, so I decided to update the size reference with the digital sizes we work with these days. And after I did the update, I posted it near my workspace for easy reference and thought - why not share it!  

So here it is. Print it, frame it, post it near your workspace for easy reference. It is a small but time-saving tool. 

{And although the digital sizes change regularly – you can update it as needed in Adobe Acrobat or Small pdf}

P.S. these sizes are also available on my Q&A page on my site.