Why all I want to do is Design


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All I want to do today is Design.

If COVID were a design project, I would stop where I am and redo the design because I struggle to balance all the elements given to me. I would ask the client for better direction, a better brief - more strategic thinking. To get to a final point that works for everyone. 

But Covid is not a design project; it is an element we have to design our lives around. Change habits, use new medicine, PRAY and know that this to shall pass.

Today is not the best day. Most of us has lost people we know, and some are sick, some are afraid - most of us feel lost navigating the current situation in Windhoek, Namibia.

After all the bad news the last few days - all I want to do is design. That is why I love being an artist - design in all forms (graphic design, photography, fashion, food, floristry, magazines...) - is ART - and art is an expression - Art brings moments of hope, peace, freedom.

Graphic Design is my art. Even in these times, as small as it might seem to some, I help bring beauty and meaning to the visual elements needed by a business - I create a personality (Not just a logo). I help develop a brand that will transcend difficult times, giving hope that the company CAN go on, selling products IS still possible, being visible through a vision, mission and value that serves your customer.

Art gives purpose. Graphic Design is my purpose. And my goal through graphic design is to help you have a relevant brand and help you navigate your business (new or existing) in new directions as our lives in business evolve now.

But for today, all I want to design for my clients, for you. I want to get lost in the creative - because for that moment, in that packaging design, or Point of a sale item, I see beauty, I see a purpose,  I know a future that feels Hopeful.

Thank you for trusting me with your work - this week I am going to get lost in designing my heart out for YOU!