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I started KunsHuis in my mom’s dining room with a laptop (which I bought with almost 2 years of savings) and pay-as-you-go internet - that was back in April 2010. A month later, in May 2010, I got married, and KunsHuis officially started in my husband’s family home, that we would eventually own.

Working for yourself is a blessing, it has challenges, and if you are a solo-preneur, it can be isolating. I have gone through ups and downs in navigating my desired way of working.

Keeping myself professional in a homely environment by getting work done, setting boundaries, working with clients and navigating home life vs work life - this all has guided me and taught me lessons in achieving my best home-based-working-environment. Each season of life within this structure shows me new ways of being the designer of my working life and environment.

I want to share what I have learned with you

For the first 3 years of business, I worked between our living room and the spare bedroom. When KunsHuis grew, I felt the need to get a proper space but still from home, so we built an outside studio. This guide is about the aspects of a home-based business that worked for me and what kept me inspired to do this for the last 10 years.

Working for yourself (from home or not), is a responsibility even more so than working for an employer. The responsibility lies in your desire to succeed - you started this journey because of a dream/passion/talent for a specific niche. Make it a success, and if it is working from home, do it with self-control, excitement and drive to accomplish that unique desire that was made just for you!

You owe it to yourself to make your business a success in your own style. Here is your FREE GUIDE.

All my creative love