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 I didn't know about the upcoming marriage proposal, just that he wants us to go on a road trip to his sister and maybe spend a night at a lodge on our way - he wanted to ask me on the day of our six month anniversary. However, I was still at the advertising agency and couldn't get leave. 

My husband wanted to ask me to marry him after two months of being together. I asked him: What was your longest relationship, and he said six months.

So he asked me on our road trip, at a lodge the day after our six month anniversary. And that evening, after I said yes and we were sipping champaign under the Namibian skies with Cheetas making their presence known in the distance,  he told me his original romantic plan and that it was delayed because of work.

At that moment, I realised the time has come; I am no longer asking for permission to live my life. Permission to experience the life-changing or even mundane moment of MY LIFE. 


Eight months later, I started KunsHuis, and a month after that we got married.

This statement " You design your life" has ever since been a fundamental mantra for me, especially when my children came into our lives. 

Forgetting this affirmation from time to time as the natural pace of life takes over, I designed these wallpapers as a reminder and will be sharing new designs throughout the year. Maybe, just maybe - you need to remind yourself as well. 

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With the year ahead, I hope you will take daily actions to believe and listen to your inner voice. It knows the passions, talents and desires you are meant to do. I want us to become masters of our own lives because I genuinely believe - We design our own experiences.

All my creative love