KunsHuis is all about design, concentrating on creative, open and clean designs that are unique to the personality of the client and his/her brand

KunsHuis is all about design, doing creative work since 2005. Coming from an advertising background, KunsHuis understands that each client is special and that designs should match business objectives and personalities. I believe in functional designs that are exciting to look at, but that fully reach the intended goals.

KunsHuis has great respect for creativity and celebrates all forms of design. I want to share inspiration and believe that we as creators are here to share and grow ideas together.

It is about creating a feeling of joy and passion through the art of creativity into our clients' hearts and minds.

It is about YOU and being proud and excited to use the design we did to enrich your day, your project, your business or your home!

We aim to inspire and be creative and passionate together.

Nelett Loubser
Owner and Designer
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The goal of our company is to provide the highest possible quality of creative services. We will continuously strive not merely to meet, but exceed, the expectations of each of our clients


We belief in lasting relationship building and growing together as business goals change


We commit ourselves to encourage innovation and new ideas to maintain our competitive edge.