Lewe in die Oomblik

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When I became a mom, it was the hardest thing to understand how this new beautiful gift will fit into my life. How does this little human that I love so much fit into my passion for entrepreneurship, design and creativity? I started to recite to myself these 3 phases:
• Live in the Moment,
• Just Breath
• and keep on Dreaming.

Because life goes by so fast (Live in the Moment), Don't stress (Just Breath) and your passions will always be part of your life (Keep on Dreaming).

Do you also need to remind yourself of this? Let me know - purchase these and take life one day at a time, while enjoying each new season that comes your way. 

* Available in Afrikaans and English

Product Category: Inspiration items


Digital Delivery. Email me your email address, and I will forward the design to you. 

100% Inspirational

Striving to help you to enjoy life each small item at a time!
The design can be used as you wish! Let me know if you want it on canvas, framed or any other form that will suit your environment. Cost is for the design only.

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